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Saned Urges Government and Private Entities in Sharjah to Install ‘Aman’ Early Warning Safety System

Saned Urges Government and Private Entities in Sharjah to Install ‘Aman’ Early Warning Safety System

Based on its objectives to provide the highest levels of safety in Sharjah, Saned Integrated Facilities Management invites all government and private entities, industrial and commercial facilities and residential buildings to install the early warning ‘Aman’ system.

The new system and device, implemented by Saned, is supervised by the Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority. The device links fire systems in the facilities to the General Directorate of Civil Defense and Saned, with the goal to reduce response times to combat with fire hazards and emergencies.

Eng. Sultan Al Ketbi, CEO of Saned Facilities Management, stressed the need to install the early warning system ‘Aman’, which plays a great role in reducing response times for fire-related emergencies. The system works to monitor the validity of alarm and fire systems in facilities and ensure their effectiveness, which contributes to protecting lives and property and provides the highest levels of protection and safety in Sharjah.

Al Ketbi highlighted that the system has been successfully employed to aid in the early detection of fires; a tower in the Emirate of Sharjah recently benefited from the ‘Aman’ system and suffered no losses due to a recent fire emergency.

Al Ketbi added, "Since beginning work on the ‘Aman’ device, more than 7753 devices have been employed in various areas of Sharjah. We are working diligently within our strategic plan to cover all residential, commercial and industrial facilities and areas, to ensure compliance with the mandatory installation of ‘Aman’ across all facilities in the Emirate, for the purposes of public safety.”

Al Ketbi further explained, "We seek to reach 100% compliance from owners of real estate, facilities and amenities in Sharjah, to which the decision to install and connect a safety system to protect buildings from fires and accidents is in line with our goal to enhance the overall well being of all residing in the Emirate.”

‘Aman’ is an early warning system adopted in the Emirate of Sharjah, which prompted industrial and commercial establishments and residential buildings to install safety systems to protect community members from fire hazards around the clock.

The system is in direct contact with the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority, and links to a control room that operates according to the highest international safety standards. In cooperation with the Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority, the system strengthens the security and safety strategy of the Emirate of Sharjah and helps spread awareness of best practices in accident and fire prevention.

Saned provides integrated facilities management, building maintenance and related technical services to commercial and government entities, in addition to energy management and sustainable initiatives, as part of its comprehensive services in the field of energy management and sustainability. The Saned team also provides technical services specialised in the security and safety of facilities and amenities.

It is worth noting Saned Integrated Facilities Management is one of the projects of Sharjah Asset Management, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah.

About Sharjah Asset Management:

Sharjah Asset Management is the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah. It strives to achieve its vision of promoting economic and social development and supporting as well as accelerating the sustainable economic growth in the Emirate of Sharjah, in partnership with public and private sectors. The company encourages investment and the promotion of social responsibility through optimal use of resources, meeting the needs of the community of the Emirate of Sharjah, and ensuring overall sustainable wellbeing.


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