Smart Saned - Civil

Smart Saned Services

  • Service: SMART SANED
  • Type: Civil
  • Category: Painting, Demolition, Landscaping

Service Description

Our callout fee is AED 150 which covers up to 1 hour of work in your home. Any additional time spent delivering the service beyond the first hour is charged at AED 150 per hour. Our team will come equipped with standard plumbing tools. If additional spare parts are needed, our team may need to come back a second time to complete the service. The final service charge will be based on the total hours spent plus any materials and spare parts used to deliver the service.

Service Includes

  • We offer professional indoor and outdoor painting services. Our services include Move in / Move out painting Custom home painting, painting individual rooms, painting individual walls, office painting, exterior painting

  • Our Garden Cleaning service includes:
    - Dead leaves removal
    - Disease control treatment for pests.
    - Composting, fertilizing, and lawn dressing
    - Weed Control in Garden and Lawns
    - Garden cleaning
    - Leaf Cleaning
    - Watering of plants
    - Trimming and re-shaping of shrubs and hedges
    - Hedging
    - Pruning
    - Seasonal planting of plants
    * Our specialized technicians will measure and assess your garden. They will provide you a quote onsite and if you agree, the service can continue the same day. We are also happy to return another day.
    The technician will charge AED 1.5 per square foot of garden space, plus the cost of materials such as fertilizer. After reviewing the technician's quote and recommendations onsite, you can chose the services you wish us to carry out.
    Note, the AED 100 base charge to book the service is non-refundable, however the credit will be applied towards your over all quote which the technician will provide.