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SANED Hard Service Management

SAND for Facilities Management, your trusted source for facilities management solutions

With our experienced team of over 80 engineers and 5000 technicians, we provide unparalleled expertise to ensure the safety and efficiency of your facility's infrastructure.

Preventive Maintenance

Using the latest technologies and data analytics, we monitor and maintain your facilities with high precision, identifying and addressing issues before they cause disruptions.

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Heating, Ventilation, and Lighting Solutions

Our expertise extends to creating comfortable and productive environments, with installation and maintenance services for heating, ventilation, and smart lighting technology systems.

Improving Equipment Performance

Our advanced technologies and industry best practices enhance the efficiency of your equipment, reducing energy consumption and extending service life.

Fire Safety and Security

We install and maintain fire detection and suppression systems, in addition to access control, surveillance, and imaging systems, to ensure the safety of facility infrastructure.

Our customizable Hard FM services span diverse sectors, including corporate, industrial, institutional, retail, and residential. We specialize in predictive and preventive maintenance, equipment optimization, fire safety, and security, as well as HVAC and lighting solutions.


At SANED Facility Management, we are more than just a facility management company. We are your trusted partner for technical excellence.

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